Top Blinds Companies

Read our guide to the top blinds companies today. Find the highest rated products and find out how you can save money on energy as well.

✔ Last updated: 2024-05-27

If you are into home decoration, you should also consider putting blinds on your windows. Blinds are versatile and practical, and they can quickly transform the feel of a room. Aside from that, it can also help lower energy costs, and it can even improve your sleep.

Now, let’s discover the top blinds companies in today’s market.


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100+ Ratings

✔ Easy to navigate website that allows customers to search by purpose of use.
✔ 100% satisfaction guarantee
✔ SureFit program where they will replace the blind for free if the blind doesn’t fit.
✔ 3-year comprehensive warranty on all of its products

100+ Ratings

✔ Offers almost all types of blinds and window treatment options
✔ Can customize their products with features like cordless, motorized, blackout, light filtering, and others.
✔ A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau

100+ Ratings

Just Blinds

✔ Simple to use website
✔ Lower price compared to its competitors
✔ Offers standard warranty and additional deluxe warranty
✔ A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau
✔ Excellent online customer support

100+ Ratings

Shades, Shutters, Blinds

✔ Ideal choice for window treatments
✔ Affordable prices
✔ Excellent customer service

100+ Ratings

Blinds Express

✔ Price match promise
✔ Satisfaction guarantee
✔ Offers free samples
✔ Accepts multiple methods of payment
✔ Free shipping

Window Styling Guide

Whatever style of house you have, windows are one of the first things you would notice and the way you treat your windows will create an ambience which will enhance a particular style.

Like every good design aspects, we would give you the best advice, photos and ideas to inspire you to make the best choice for your window styling.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are perfect for a den or a library. These blinds are natural wood slats that are painted or stained. They are a standard treatment that complements many decorative styles. Wood blinds are constructed and are easy to operate.

There are different wooden blinds finishes available such as pinewood and bamboo. It also comes in various slat sizes, depending on the degree of control you would like with regards to light control and privacy.

To enhance the look, we recommend layering wood blinds with drapery or topped with a valance.

Mini Blinds

If you are looking for the cheapest option in window styling, mini blinds are the best option. They are a basic blind that provides privacy, and it can also control the light with just a simple twist of the want. Mini blinds are available in different colours and materials, as well as different thickness to solve all your light issues

Panel Track Blinds

Panel track blinds are the best thing that happened to slide glass doors and large picture windows since vinyl vertical blinds. You can never beat these when covering an ample space. Panel track blinds could be used as a room divider if you mounted them to the ceiling.

Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are commonly referred to as bamboo shades. They are very versatile. Woven wood shades give a casual, rustic, and elegant look. They are also made out of renewable materials like bamboo, grasses and reeds. These are environmental-friendly.

Things to Consider When Buying Blinds

1. Light and Privacy – You have to decide whether you want your room to be bright and airy, or cosy. Blinds can control how much sunlight you’d let in or keep out. When blinds are closed, you will lose light.

2. Budget – Are you planning to outfit just one window or the entire house? You might want to spend more on specific windows and scale back on others. Window treatments are usually priced by size, so you can expect more extensive treatments to be more expensive.

3. Cleaning – Blinds are easy to maintain, and they do not require personal cleaning, but they can be dust magnets.