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✔ Last updated: 2024-05-27

Almost every business needs to be able to accept credit and debit cards, but it can be difficult for these businesses to choose a credit card processing company. There are different factors to consider, such as how much they will have to pay, how long the contract will be, the hardware that they will need, and if they really want to accept credit cards in-person, or online.

To help you find the perfect merchant services for your company, we created a comparison chart of the top credit card processing services in the industry. Check it out.


Merchant Service

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Bottom Line

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100+ Ratings

✔  Rates Starting at 0.15%
✔  $500 Assurance program
✔  Transparent Pricing
✔  Free EMV Equipment

Inexpensive transaction fees and many payment options.

100+ Ratings

✔ Month-to-Month Contracts
✔ No Upfront Costs
✔ Free Clover and EMV equipment
✔ 24/7 Customer Support



Smart terminal solutions with many added services

100+ Ratings

✔  No Cancellation Fees
✔  Free Terminal
✔ Free application and set-u

Fast and easy payment service with flexible pricing

100+ Ratings

✔ 98% Approval Rating
✔ Low Rates & Fast Approvals
✔ All credit scores accepted

Specializes in dealing with high-risk merchants.

100+ Ratings

✔ No long-term contracts
✔ 24/7 customer support
✔ Approval within 24 hours

Secure credit card processing with transparent pricing

100+ Ratings

✔ Low Processing Rate
✔ 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Simple & affordable merchant services

Is Credit Card Processing Service Really Important?

Credit card processing services are essential to most businesses because the majority of consumers expect them to accept credit cards. While credit and debit cards are very convenient for your customers, it can be a little frustrating for business owners. This type of service is an additional expense for business owners, that is why it is essential to choose the top credit card processing service that can provide your business the service you need at the best possible price with low fees and flexible terms.

Credit card processing can be a little confusing and expensive since it involves many parties like banks, credit card networks, and the credit card processing company itself. It consists of a lot of party in every transaction you will process.

How Much Does Merchant Services Cost?

If you have a new business and need this service for your business, you must know the correct price of the service you’d be getting. Here are some steps to ensure you that you are getting the best price on your credit card processing service:

1. Review Your Statement Each Month

It is crucial that you review your statement every month because credit card processing contracts don’t always include pricing guarantees, so it is essential to monitor your statements to know what is going on with your account. You must regularly review your rates and fees, so you know what to expect to pay on the processing service every month.

2. Request a Review on Pricing

If you have an established merchant and you want to know if you can avail it for lower fees, you can request a pricing review to see if you qualify for lower pricing.

3. Request for Interchange-plus Pricing

If you currently have a tiered-pricing plan, you can ask your processor if it can switch your account to interchange-plus pricing. A lot of credit card processing service providers will allow you to change to a different pricing model so that you can see which pricing model works well with your business. If you’re going to do this, make sure to inquire if the new plan will trigger any different fees.

4. Ask Your Service Provider If Fees Can be Waived

As we have mentioned, some fees can be negotiable. It may be possible for your rep to waive these fees. They can do this especially if your business is seasonal.

5. Renegotiate Your Rates

If you have been with your credit card processor for more than a year, then you could consider looking for a different processor to see if the rates that your current processor are still competitive. Just like in insurance, it is beneficial to take the time to look for other better deals every 2 years. This is essential especially if your current processor’s rates have increased.

If ever you find better pricing from another credit card processor, then do not hesitate to contact your rep to see if they are willing to renegotiate your rates.