Top 10 Flight Booking Websites

Book the cheapest flight for your next trip with the help of these top 10 flight booking sites! Find out how today!


✔ Last updated: 2022-10-03

Searching for a flight can get a little bit overwhelming. There are too many factors like dates, times, are class, price, and more. But where should you book for the best and cheapest flight? We have made a list of the top flight booking sites to help you save some cash for your next travel.


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100+ Ratings

✔ Homepage is treamlined
✔ Bag fees are revealed by clicking a drop-down for each fare
✔ Does not charge a booking fee for rount-trip flights on the same airline

100+ Ratings

✔ Does not charge booking fee
✔ Double-checks that you understand your booking
✔ Informs the user what is and what is not covered in the fare

100+ Ratings

✔ Prioritizes nonstop prices over itineraries with stops
✔ Organized
✔ Easy-to-read charts by airline

100+ Ratings

✔ Can compare flight prices right away to its competitors
✔ Offers review-based FlyScores of airlines

100+ Ratings

✔ Table-style results chart
✔ Easier to compare prices in one place

100+ Ratings

✔ Calendar organization

100+ Ratings

✔ Helps you find cheap business class flights
✔ Can help you find multi-city itineraries
✔ Can search broad timelines for deals within your budget

100+ Ratings

✔ Search by map feature
✔ Does not have ads
✔ Can track fares on your selected dates and will send you email updates

100+ Ratings

✔ Wide range filters
✔ Sorting options
✔ Predictive technologies

100+ Ratings

✔ Sends reminder to check a competitor for something it does not offer
✔ Searches for fares from a ton of smaller OTAs

Should I Book my Next Trip Through a Flight Booking Site?

Finding travel deals these days has never been easier, and you can actually get the lowest price if you book your flight and hotel directly from their website. So is it really worth it to use a third party travel site?

Some booking sites have upgraded their points system, which allows their customers to earn travel rewards if you book from them.

What are the Drawbacks of OTAs?

There are not many benefits to booking your travels through third party sites aside from reward points. Travelers use these flight booking sites before because they offer the best price for flights. But now that you can get the same deal if you book directly from the airline, there is not much difference.

But What Are the Benefits?

Aside from their reward systems, flight booking sites are more than happy to assist you with your travel. They will suggest the best date to fly, or which hotel offers the best price in your selected destination.

One of the great things about OTAs is that they have different tools that will allow you to check the cheapest ticket price available. Some flight booking sites have opaque bookings. These kinds of bookings can also offer discounts, but be sure to check the details because most of the time, some features are hidden until after you made the actual booking.

You can also do some testing for different flights to see the prices across the board on other OTAs and the airline’s actual website.

Another good thing about OTAs is that their homepage very simple and very user-friendly. You can just input your desired departure or arrival in your selected city on the search box, and hit the search button. After that, it will already reveal the flights available.

Our Final Thoughts

Bear in mind that there is no one-stop site to find the lowest prices on a flight every time. Most of these OTAs offer the same price.

But opaque bookings tend to offer the cheapest deals out there. But they may require a certain level of flexibility when it comes to the travel dates. If you do not mind not knowing the time of your flight, or even the airline you’re flying to, then that could be the best way to save money.

But if you prefer a more traditional booking, then we suggest you to start with a travel search engine like Kayak or Google Flights to search for flights on other sites.